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And so it begins!

7 January, 2018 / 4 minutes

So, just like that, 2017 is behind us.

The year has been quite a memorable year for me. It was my first year where I was away from home for a considerable amount of time. I completed my first year of university where I met so many great people and got involved in various social activities with them. One highlight of first year had to be a BBQ which we held to mark the end of our exams, as it was such a positive atmosphere sitting in a large open park with people either sitting around talking whilst scoffing their face with food (we had enough to the point where we bought the entire stock of some things from the shop), or playing Frisbee with another course that was celebrating too. I feel that I’ve grown as a person, as whenever I meet up with people for the first time in a while I always get the comment that I’ve changed since last time. I have also learnt quite a few things about myself this year. My obsession with baking is ever growing and now every time I have family visit I am expected to bake them something to have when they arrive.  Some of these things have definitely had more of an impact than I was expecting, some of which I am still experiencing now, but 2018 will be the year where I come out of it. Not all those impacts are bad however, it allowed me to get in touch with people who I hadn’t seen since leaving school, which ended up with me having a good catch up over copious amount of tea, resulting in me getting the train to Brighton at the end of September. It was here where I was introduced to the heaven that is rum (my love affair with vodka-orange has had to take a side step) and found out that I’m not too bad at beer pong.

But as soon as New Years was over I, like many other university students, got thrown into piles of revision for impending exams. It has always been confusing as to why a normal time to have exams is in January. I realise its typically midway through the academic year, but when you have 3 weeks off followed immediately by exams, you don’t really have much time to yourself due to revision and various Christmassy events. The first week of 2018 has been me either trying to cram 3 months of knowledge onto as few sheets of paper as possible or doing something really random in order to procrastinate it.

I will admit, over the last part of 2017 I became a bit of a social media addict, particularly on Snapchat and Instagram since I finally somewhat overcame my camera shyness. I finally restarted my Instagram after not uploading pictures to it for over 3 years, and more recently discovered the explore tab which tweaked to your liking is surprisingly addictive. But that definitely started to show, with more than one person telling me I would constantly sit on my phone scrolling through. So I made the bold decision to have a bit of a break from Facebook, Twitter and Instagram until at least the end of January. You know you have a slight problem when you keep going to tap on an icon for an app that isn’t there anymore.

Another target of mine is what you are currently reading, this blog. I’m planning to write a new post weekly (aiming for every Sunday but the day may change), to allow me to expel my thoughts for the week, as well as giving me something to look back on in the future. Since I already know this year is not going to be like any other I’ve had before, I can’t say I can predict what I’m going to write about, but we’ll have to watch this space I suppose.

Right, time to go back to the library and make some rainbow mind maps whilst listening to some cracking cheesy music (which is of course the best genre).

– Dan