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Not much to report

28 January, 2018 / 2 minutes

I can’t quite understand how it’s the end of January already, it seemed like yesterday that I wrote the first post on this blog and yet here we are. I think that so far 2018 is off to a pretty good start, apart from exams of course, by trying to fit as much in as I could with people around me. This week in particular was filled with two birthdays that I joined in the celebrations for. I also managed to have the worlds longest Costa trip that ended up going shopping as a group then going back and having a shared dinner (1 hour magically turned into 8). On Thursday I also managed to squeeze in a bit of me time where I had a bit of an explore through the city and sat down by the waterfront. It is always nice to sit in a peaceful place and have some time for some self reflection, even if all of the walking wore my feet out.

Unfortunately my week of freedom has already come to an end and now the regular timetable grind recommences. My sleeping pattern has shifted a bit so its definitely going to be a struggle to get up but we’ll fight through it. The next semester is group coursework galore so this could be interesting. Whilst I realise that it is realistic-ish to the working world it is slightly annoying that how you perform on something that is assessed depends entirely on who you get placed with. I like a bit of panicking so fingers crossed it goes better than how my brain is currently picturing it.

To be honest for this week that’s pretty much it, as I don’t have much else to report I’m afraid. This week’s entry has been much shorter than the others but now I can’t rant about the stress of exams and there is only so much that is going on that is interesting enough to talk about. I’m sure this will change over the next couple of weeks when the workload hits and some events which will hopefully go ahead happen.

– Dan