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I'm getting quite bad at this

26 March, 2018 / 3 minutes

Last time I said i’d report again in two weeks, well it seems that I managed to miss that too! I really need to be better organised at this. However the last 3 weeks haven’t been particularly exciting so you haven’t missed out on much.

I think its fairly safe to say that the last 2 weeks of term were pretty stereotypical of a student, as I was either doing one of two things. The first of these being on campus doing work, as it was deadline crunching time so I was working until 9 or 10 pm before returning home and immediately going to bed. On the upside it did mean I treated myself to a takeaway on a couple of occasions and who doesn’t like that? If I wasn’t doing work, then there was a good chance that I was at the pub, which I went to far too many times in the space of a couple of weeks. Let’s just say I’m easily persuaded, especially when its something like a society social. I did also do a coding quiz with a group of friends which was as hard as it sounds. Essentially we were given mathematical problems that could be solved by writing a program to do it, but a lot of the ways you think of require brute forcing something which is never a good idea (we went through about 3 laptop batteries because of all the number crunching we ended up doing).

After all of this it was finally the end of term. I say finally, but in reality it actually went really quick, as most of university life seems to. Due to the January exams, the semester only has about 7 weeks before the vacation which isn’t exactly long. That did mean the fun task of packing everything back up to come home for 4 weeks. I’m not one to travel light, in particular when it comes to my technology. Every time we just have barely enough room in the car to fit everything in, who knows how its going to work when I move in the summer and need to take kitchen supplies with me as well (either two cars or a van will be in order).

Now that I’m back at home, I can’t say I’ve been up to much, apart from catching up on well needed sleep. I know I have university work to do before I go back but my procrastination brain has kicked in and results in me doing things like going on a random walk or to the shops to avoid it.

Due to my forgetfulness and my slightly uneventful schedule, it probably won’t be for another couple of weeks until I check in again. I’d rather that than post really boring updates every week just so that I can say I have. Until then I hope everyone enjoys their Easter period.

– Dan