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It's been cold, stressful, and random

4 March, 2018 / 3 minutes

Yet again I missed out on a post for a week, although this time it was due to… lets say… the repercussions of alcohol. I may have had slightly too much to drink last weekend which left me in a slightly sorry state on Sunday (and yes I know I said i’d start pre-writing but procrastination).

This week in particular has been what I feel quite a stressful one. These deadlines are not getting further away and with some I reached a mindset where I thought they weren’t going to be able to be completed on time as we were completely stuck. However after some discussions things are beginning to progress, so as usual I’m just being over paranoid. Next week is going to feel like quite a rush to try and get everything done so that there is a week to check things through. Not only this, but unfortunately I don’t think my Easter vacation is going to be much of a vacation, as coursework rolls on through and relies on some being done during that time. I mean we do get 4 weeks off but still it is never fun having to sit and do work when you’re visiting home.

I’m sure everyone in the UK is fed up of hearing this, but this week we were treated to a bit of snow. I realise some places got it much worse than us, but from what I’ve heard it is quite rare for snow to set in Southampton so this was a treat. It did cause some minor disruption for us, having the campus closed for one and a bit days (even more annoying when you can’t have a day off because coursework), but not as much as the complete chaos that was the traffic outside our window. Me being me, on Friday morning I made an effort to get up early and went around taking waaay too many pictures which I know have to sieve through. There were some incredibly pretty scenes which get completely transformed when they are caked in a blanket of snow. However my gloves aren’t particularly good so my hands were frozen by the time I got home. It didn’t last though as the temperature decided to jump rather rapidly, meaning that all we are left with now is some depressing slush by the side of the road (which someone decided to drive through as I was walking past… not fun).

I don’t think the next couple of weeks are going to be particularly exciting, so if I don’t have much to say by next sunday (will probably just be me ranting about work I need to do) I’ll wait and do another 2 week post.

– Dan