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The end is closer than the start

21 January, 2018 / 3 minutes
I’m glad that’s finally over. As I mentioned last week I had the joy of having all my exams crammed into one week, making preparing for them a logistical nightmare. My only solace for them was that they alternated between morning and afternoon, meaning I had a bit of a gap between each one to do some last minute cramming. Although whilst on that subject, am I the only one who despises afternoon exams?
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Getting back into the swing of things

14 January, 2018 / 3 minutes
It’s always fun getting back in to the normal routine of term time. One of the upsides is getting to catch up with everyone about what they got up to over the Christmas break. It also lets you ask about how much (or little) revision they managed to get done for the exams which are drawing ever closer. However, the return to timetabled days meant having some early starts, something which I am becoming more and more unable to deal with.
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And so it begins!

7 January, 2018 / 4 minutes
So, just like that, 2017 is behind us. The year has been quite a memorable year for me. It was my first year where I was away from home for a considerable amount of time. I completed my first year of university where I met so many great people and got involved in various social activities with them. One highlight of first year had to be a BBQ which we held to mark the end of our exams, as it was such a positive atmosphere sitting in a large open park with people either sitting around talking whilst scoffing their face with food (we had enough to the point where we bought the entire stock of some things from the shop), or playing Frisbee with another course that was celebrating too.
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28 December, 2017 / 1 minute
Hi, my name is Dan and I am currently 19 years old and studying Computer Science at the University of Southampton. This is my personal blog where I plan on sharing different aspects of my life. Whether that be what I’m currently up to at University, any adventures I go on or my general opinion on things happening in the world. I also have a Technology Blog where my inner geek shines and I discuss technological projects that I’m working on.
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